Coming Up: A Day in the Life of Larchmont

09 Feb, 2012

By Polly Kreisman

Larchmont Train Station 5:17pm, Oct. 20, 2011- Elisabeth Pollaert Smith

On October 20th, 50 photographers, some professionals, most not, fanned out across the Village to document “A Day in the Life of Larchmont,” a project of the Larchmont Historical Society.

From hundreds of images submitted over those 24 hours, just an ordinary day, the LHS created a collection that will open with a reception Sunday, February 12th, from 3-6pm at the Hampshire Country Club, 1025 Cove Road, Mamaroneck.

Two Loop photographers will be among those whose work will be displayed. Here’s a teaser:

Wraps- Heidi Silverstein

Stanz- Sue Girardi

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  • horizonatfleetwood

    The photo of the Larchmont train station is absolutely stunning! These photos make us 1. intrigued to see more from “A Day in the Life of Larchmont and 2. to start spending more time visiting Larchmont!

  • ralphinlarchmont

    Great picture at the train station!!!

  • J in the Manor

    We couldn’t make it yesterday. Are the pictures still at Hampshire, and is it still possible to see them?

    • larchmonthistory

      The one day exhibit at Hampshire Country Club was just the opening event. You will soon abe able to see all the photos at Larchmont Art located at 1899 Palmer Ave. near the intersection of Chatsworth Ave. They should be up by March 1st, if not earlier and we’ll announce the dates in this space soon! And, evenutally we’ll prepare a digital version of the photos for display.

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