Larchmont Bridal Shop Closes, Leaves Brides at the Altar

03 Oct, 2012

By Polly Kreisman


New York News | NYC Breaking News

Fox5 News Loop friend Linda Schmidt made it up to Larchmont to report on the sudden demise of Meme and Michelina’s Bridal Shop on Palmer Avenue. Thanks to Bud at PDQ and More for the tip!

photo: bellafaye on flickr

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  • Tracy Mohr

    I went to pick up my dress today and they were closed.They have my dress that I paid 370 for and the wedding is in 2 weeks. Do you know where I can find these people?

  • Jen P

    I gave them a deposit for 2 of my bridesmaid dresses for my wedding and now its gone! Almost $500!!! We need to do something! I have copies of the checks that they cashed and 1 receipt!

  • Melissa Puterio

    I went there today for my dress and I found out she never even ordered it.. I gave her $1000. She is gone. I have her cell phone number but of course it goes right to voicemail and her box is full. Any ideas of what to do. This women can’t do this to us

  • Polly Kreisman

    Hang on ladies!!!!! We may have an answer for you!!!!!

  • Melissa Puterio

    I hope that is true. I’m and devasted and shocked that a women could do this.

  • Philippa

    Ann Taylor in larchmont will be hosting a party on Sunday 10//21 for all those brides. We will have our entire wedding collection sent to the store and have a party to help out those women who have been ” left at the alter”. The loop will provide all the details!