Pet Project: Residents Rescue Injured Hawk

17 Feb, 2012

By Polly Kreisman

This morning Larchmont resident Gregg Goldshall and some of his neighbors found this injured hawk on Echo Lane.

“We got the hawk off the road, it hopped on its one good leg,” he wrote in an email.

Someone called the Village Animal Hospital, where Sandra Blanco has a wildlife license. She says she contacted Animal Nation and the hawk is now at Rye Harrison Animal Hospital, which handles exotics, and is being treated.

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  • Leslie-Anne Brill

    Sounds like it could be the same injured hawk we saw on Palmer Terrace last week! It was picked up by a wildlife truck (don’t know whose), but we never heard what happened to it. Glad it’s being treated.

  • Ladyofspain

    Glad they didn’t take the hawk to Sound Shore Medical. My husband said “he’d be dead by now.” Joking.

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