Police Training Causes Alarm

16 Nov, 2011

By Diana Marszalek

Larchmont Police conducted a training exercise at this house

A friend passing by the crime — or, rather, not crime — scene was the first to alert me to the police activity at a house on the southeast corner of Iden and Larchmont Avenues. “Taped off, not able to enter without permission. Lots of police.”

It sounded big. But when I called the Larchmont PD the Desk Sargeant laid out exactly what was happening: “Nothing.”

Nothing? It couldn’t be true.

I walked the few blocks to the scene, where, confirmed, the house was cordoned off by that bright yellow tape, there were officers in the driveway and signs telling the rest of us to keep clear. Surely I could use use my journalistic prowess to get to the bottom of this. The on-site officer clearly knew I meant business.

“Nothing,” was his answer when i asked what was up.

Nothing again? I wasn’t buying it.  Sure seemed like the cops were putting a lot of effort into something that was “nothing.”

“Nothing. Really,” the officer reiterated.

Turns out, though, that all my police sources were telling me the truth, just as you’d expect officers to do, right? The story (or lack there of) behind the story was, in fact, that a whole lot of nothing was going on at the house.

Sort of.

Police were using the house for a training exercise. Apparently, it’s something  they do every so often.

But in our quiet neck of the woods, that nothing was, in fact, really quite something. The activity turned enough heads that it sparked a bit of alarm — which (fortunately) we don’t get too often.

And it made for a really exciting morning.




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  • benny914

    That’s it? You accepted that answer and left? Cops “use ‘a house’ for training”? Who’s house was it? What were they training for, exactly, a home invasion? Were the owners home? Was there a video crew filming “the training” for later review and additional training? How will the Larchmont community benefit from this training in added safety and security? If that’s your idea of an exciting morning……

  • http://theloopny.com Polly Kreisman

    Oy. No sense of humor this morning? Police in municipalies throughout the country use unoccupied houses for training.

  • http://theloopny.com Diana Marszalek

    I checked with Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell, too, who confirmed that these types of training exercises are not unusual — and I personally have seen them before. “Police and Fire personnel do this in all municipalities,” is what Mandell said.

  • benny914

    Then if you’ve seen it before and it’s de rigueur nationwide, what exactly is the point of this story? oh wait, you told us 3x already: nothing.

  • http://theloopny.com Diana Marszalek

    Exactly! Nothing! Just trying to have a little fun — nothing bigger than that. I’m sorry if it offends you but you are welcome not to read it!

  • benny914

    I never expressed any “offense”, either with the article or your collective and wholly defensive replies. Hmmmm, thou doth protest too much!

  • http://theloopny.com Polly Kreisman

    An anger management column maybe?

  • larchgirl

    So if nothing was going on why is there still portable fencing all around that house on Sunday morning?

  • http://theloopny.com Diana Marszalek

    Ladies and gentlemen: Still Nothing! Here’s the deal. The house is unoccupied and is going to be torn down, with a new one built in its place. You can see that for yourself at http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1-Iden-Ave-Larchmont-NY-10538/33045962_zpid/.

    In the meantime, the police and fire departments are using the property for training. This is not unusual — sometimes fire departments even set tear-downs on fire for training purposes.

    I hope that satisfies the curiosity and explains some of the mystery surrounding the house.

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