Resolutions? Don’t Make Any.

29 Dec, 2011

By Loop Contributor

Jaena Mebane of Divine Designs Fitness, and an instructor at Equinox, Mamaroneck and the New York Sports Club in Larchmont gives us three bite-sized New Year tips.

  1. Don’t make resolutions, set goals. Resolutions are easily broken. If you think in terms of goals, you will have greater success. For example: Instead of, “I will lose 25 lbs.” Say, “My goal is to lose 2 lbs a week.”

  2. Keep it positive and realistic. See #1.

  3. Plan out your meals for the week. Cook a few meals over the weekend and store them in the freezer. This will ensure that you eat healthy during the week.

top photo: jeff golden

Jaena Mebane



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