Romney Beats Obama (at a Larchmont Store)

09 Oct, 2012

By Polly Kreisman

If the Presidential election was held today at 10 am on Palmer Avenue, Mitt Romney would beat President Obama 85-53.

Why? Have a look at the window at Write On! And read this, as submitted by Jackie at Write On!:


National issues bogging the blogs?  Want to know what the local pulse of the national election is looking like?  Look no further than the window at 1935 Palmer Avenue, in Larchmont for a daily update on the national election.  Write On! Larchmont is offering cups to appeal to both camps – and the local vibe seems to show that the election is recently leaning Red.  Right here in a dependably Blue state, in a solidly Blue Westchester.  Could New York become be a swing state by 2016?

The plastic cups, featured in a patriotic window display, cost $3 each, and each side gets a vote for each cup purchased.

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  • jjinla

    From your lips to God’s ears! Anything is better than the past 4 years.

  • lori

    A romeny win would be a disaster for the country…but probably not so much for the persons who can buy those cups….

  • jjinla

    If you think a $3 cup is a splurge, you’ve just proved my point!

  • shg

    To even up the ratio, they can offer the Obama cups with lids and pre-applied name/date labels to doctors’ offices.


  • Anonymous

    Not the Larchmont Store!
    It’s Write-On!

  • Anonynous

    A country with ADD, everybody forgets the state of the country in 2008. At the brink of disaster!!

  • jjinla

    And yet, 4 years later we’re STILL at the brink of disaster. Imagine that?

    At some point, Obama has to stop blaming Bush for all of his woes and grow a pair. You didn’t see Reagan spend 8 years blaming Carter.

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