School Supers Call for Assault Weapons Ban

02 Jan, 2013

By Polly Kreisman

78 school superintendents from Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties are calling for tougher gun-control laws and increased government funding for mental-health services, in response to the shootings in Newtown Dec. 14.

The Lower Hudson Council of School Suprintendents, led by Harrison’s Louis Wool released this statement.

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  • Mike Ross

    I hope, having read their silly letter, that the supervisors do a better job of educating our kids than they’ve done educating themselves about firearms and the law:

    1. .50 BMG rifles are perfectly legal in NY; I own one. There have been misguided attempts to ban them but these have failed. Hardly surprising as I don’t believe there’s one single instance of a .50 rifle EVER being used in a crime in this country. Talk about picking the wrong target…

    2. It’s perfectly legal to own, buy and sell so-called ‘assault weapons’, and magazines holding more than ten rounds, in New York state, *provided* they were manufactured before the ban on *new* sales of such items came into effect.

    3. There’s no such thing as an ‘assault weapon’. ‘Assault rifle’ is a correct technical term for a type of firearm; a military rifle, capable of fully-automatic fire, which has been completely forbidden from civilian ownership in NY for a long time. An ‘assault weapon’ isn’t a gun at all, it’s a *label*. A media buzzword, deliberately designed and invented to be purposely confusing, vague but threatening, to describe an ugly-looking gun. A ‘politically incorrect’ gun; it’s ALL about appearance and NOTHINg to do with function – as anyone who knows anything about guns could have told these uneducated supervisors. Go to Youtube and let a veteran cop show and tell and educate: